This project will never be finished. Its simple ambition is to re/construct that which has never been seen before.


This is silly but I couldn't resist the urge to visualise the changes to the Norwegian Constitution over the last 200 years.

Statsbudsjettet som Sol

This is an interactive sunburst chart that allows you to explore the allocations in the Norwegian Government budget of 2014.

292 000 ord å velgje mellom

This is an interactive bubble chart that allows you to explore the prevalence in the party political programmes in the 2013 Norwegian General election.

Deprivation in Hackney

This is a visual representation of Deprivation in Hackney

A look at the NOK

This is an exploration of the fortunes of the Norwegian Krone since the introduction of the Euro.

The Black Metal Family Tree

This is a visual exploration of the genealogy of Black Metal through the network of music genres.

Den Femte Friheten

This is an essay exploring the trade of privacy for security.

The Perfect Prison

This is an essay looking at the European security-industrial complex, its funding and surveillance initiatives.

Creativity in the Trivium

This is an essay exploring Foucault, Chomsky and Habermas' ideas around Human Nature.